The paths of taste

Our Local Products

Culurgiones, fregola, malloreddus together with suckling pig are some of the typical Sardinian products. Our cheeses, desserts, wines and beers are exported and appreciated all over the world.

Why not try making these delicacies with us? You will take a little bit of Sardinia home with you.

Kneading together

You will finally have the opportunity to put your “hands in the dough“. Do you know when you go to a friend’s house to cook together? That’s exactly what you will do.

Between a small aperitif and a chat about the curiosities of Sardinian cuisine, you will prepare various types of fresh pasta.

Finally, you will taste the result of your work accompanied by a glass of delicious local wine.

Aperitif in the vineyard

Among the scents of the countryside, the sea breeze and the colours of our sunsets, it will be an authentic sensory experience.

You will stroll among the rows of vines and then sit around a table with a breathtaking view.

Together with typical local products, you will taste excellent Romangia wines in a convivial and multi-ethnic atmosphere.

Yoga with tasting

Have you ever imagined practising Yoga surrounded by the colours of the sunset, the rows of vines and the scents of Sardinia?

Now you can make your dreams come true. In a moment of peace with yourself and with the nature that surrounds you, you will taste the special wines of our territory.