The paths of sea and nature

Asinara National Park

You will discover the beauty of the Asinara Island National Park. You choose how!

Excursions are organised by catamaran or by boats departing either from Porto Torres or from Pelosa di Stintino. You can travel the length and breadth of the island by trainbike4X4 or in complete freedom.

The Maddalena Archipelago

In an enchanted place with indescribable colours, you will spend a whole day on a sailing boat or if you prefer on other types of boat.

You can visit the islands of Spargi, Santa Maria, Razzoli and also see the famous Budelli beach, known as the ‘Pink Beach‘.


The kingdom of the mistral, Sardinia is a meeting place for wave enthusiasts.

Spend a whole day surfing or, if you are a beginner, learn how to do it, thanks to sea professionals.



If you want to explore the underwater world, let us take you into the deepest blue, from sea baptism to more challenging dives.


Our island lends itself to different types of trekking, from light to professional.

Always choose suitable clothing and follow the environmental hiking guides who will take you to unspoilt places to discover mouflon, myrtle, cistus and arbutus.


Along the River Coghinas, which flows into a protected bay, you can let yourself be carried away by the gentle currents in a kayak and admire the vegetation and the friendly cows lounging along its sandy banks.


With tandem flights, flying has never been easier.
You will be accompanied by qualified pilots who will fly you over the north coast to the sea in complete safety. You will see Sardinia from another point of view.